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Welcome To The Veterans Network

It is our vision to provide a stable platform for veterans from all service branches to network within the United Kingdom. Our vision will prevent veterans from feeling unsupported, withdrawn and isolated from society. The Veterans Network establishes a strong connection for veteran personnel to integrate amongst one another through our Veterans Forum where we can support one another.

There is also a Veteran Business Directory that enables Veteran Owned Businesses to create a free business listing. The Veteran Business Directory is designed to help people discover Veteran Owned Businesses in their area which increases the support for Veterans and their businesses.

Our Goal

To Build A Platform Designed Specifically For Veterans

The Veterans Network is designed to be a platform that enables fellow Veterans to collaborate with each other over a stable, online platform. The Veterans Forum is a place for ex-forces personnel to communicate amongst themselves about anything that's on their mind. Veterans can share past experiences, seek new ones and network with others if they have their own business.

Business Directory

Create A Free Business Listing And Generate Leads

Veteran Owned Businesses can create a free business listing to showcase their services to others. This section is entirely visible to the public through search engines and can help increase traffic to generate leads for your business.


Free Training Providers And Resources

We have reached out to training providers on your behalf and we want to share the best Veteran Training Providers for you. Whether you have already left the forces or you are looking to leave then this will be very beneficial to most. Alongside our recommended Veteran Training Providers, we also wanted to share some of the best training resources that we could find for you. They offer handy advice, tips and services that can help guide you on your transition from Soldier To Civi.