An Incredible Journey

This year has been an incredible journey for Veterans Network and since 2016, with the loyal support from fellow Veterans, we have adapted and developed rapidly.

It’s crazy to think how sitting in my living room writing about my personal transition to the civilian world has evolved into the thriving society it is today. A collective body of those who have once served or are currently serving in Her Majesties Armed Forces, now supporting each other through post-military life.

Veterans Network has also given me the opportunity to meet and speak with many amazing people who have become fundamental components of our support system. With their help, we have been able to provide advice, guidance and opportunities for those in need.

No longer am I just a former soldier of the British Army writing blogs about my military experience and the transition from soldier to civilian. I am now a proud member of the VetNet community, where Veterans support Veterans. We’ve come a long way since 2016 and with our vision and mission in mind, we are excited to continue pushing forward into 2018. We have so much to look forward to as 2017 comes to an end and we are eager to share it with you, but all in good time.

For now, we would like to thank you all for investing your time in Veterans Network, as fellow Veterans, we truly appreciate your support.

From the Veterans Network team, we wish you a happy and successful new year.



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