In case you have missed it, it’s Christmas time.

Naff jumpers, drinks and perfumes you would buy at no other time of the year, James Corden – it truly isn’t the season to be jolly.


Fortunately, there are plenty of wonderful things to offset the gloom. Get-togethers with family and loved ones, Die Hard (which *is* a Christmas movie) and those bacon and cheese things from Marks. It’s a time to take stock, to celebrate the good fortune that we’ve had during the year, to reflect on the misfortunes and to plan for a better year to come.

It’s the perfect time to re-establish comms with that old mate from Regiment, Squadron or Ship that you’re meant to be in contact with but somehow didn’t manage to be. It’s a time to remember those in whose company we spent bygone Christmases, but no longer can.


Why not invite a buddy to join the hub of Veterans Network, to keep in touch, keep informed and to share in the good that is happening around the Veterans’ scene?

Exciting things will happen through Veterans Network in 2018, and we want this to be an occasion that the extended VetNet family all get to enjoy. So spread the cheer and invite someone to join today.

Above all, have a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas, and join us for a prosperous New


Written by The Veterans Network team


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