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01/04/2019 10:29 pm  

Hello British Army Veterans,

My name is Hassan Ali & I am a media student in Manchester & I am currently working on a documentary that is focussing on discrimination in the army, I have a lot of respect for army veterans & am in dire need of veterans from all races & backgrounds to help me conduct some research on this topic so I thought that this place would be the best place to visit. it is basically a google questionnaire that literally takes a 2-3 minutes to complete, all research collected will be used in the final product.

I just need army veterans of the British army to fill out this questionnaire as research is a very important step on making a documentary. It would mean a lot if you could fill this out. 

Once I have completed this documentary all those who had takes part in research, I will be in touch with & send the final product. 

Here is the link to the questionnaire: