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08/08/2019 6:02 pm  

Good evening all, 

Firstly I hope I have landed in the right?!

Myself and my wife have recently started up as Independent Travel Agents, we are on Facebook as Amor Travel and the link is on my profile.

We offer a HUGE range of holidays all over the world along with activities that can be purchased. 

We have currently got James Villas, Hoseason, Tui, Disney Orlando, Disney Cruises, Adventures by Disney, Cruises, Railway holidays, Hot sands so Egypt and Morroco with other things on offer too. 

We do often get a lot of last minute deals and offers - currently we have a free hire mustang when you go to Florida and hire a for thought.

We are all about trying to get the best deal for you, our clients. At times this may not be possible but we can be competitive, offering other things that operators possibly don't. 

So, if you are looking for a holiday, a getaway or just a weekend then give us a shout and we will be more than happy to help where we can.