How do I properly e...

How do I properly engage with the armed forces?  


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19/08/2018 3:36 pm  

Note: I am not a veteran but am after the advice of veterans.

I have developed a low cost environmentally friendly method of production
for a material called graphene and I have good reason to believe  I can
use this material to create some very interesting materials likely to be of
use to the military. 

What really rocks my socks is the idea of mixing this graphene powder
in with paint and then applying it to the surface of a military vehical
to test if it reduces the vehicles IR signature (it most likely will do)

I have the material but I don't have an IR camera, or access to a military
vehicle or for that matter to whomever actually paints the military vehicle.
So really all I have is the idea and the material but nothing else.

With that said how can I proceed, or is it simply a matter of a good idea
that's never going to go anywhere until the armed forces put out a contract
for such work?