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How To Make Your Small Business Seem Bigger  


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Whether you're just starting up a business or you're looking to expand beyond the confines of your local area, here are some top tips that will help you boost your businesses profile.


Get A Virtual Landline

Quite simply, a virtual landline is exactly what it says on the tin. You can rent a geographical landline number for a small monthly cost and use these numbers for advertising outside your local area. The virtual number can be pointed to your mobile and when potential customers call you, they assume they are calling a local landline. 

The possibilities of this are limitless because if you wanted to cover a national area, then you can just order all the major cities telephone numbers in the UK and point them all to your phone. 

Some companies like to use this technique for advertising in directories or for SEO purposes. They will order a number that then goes into directory A - then another number to go into directory B. They can then analyse which directory is performing well.

Confused on how it works? 

Just think of it this way....  If you lived in Southampton, would you want a plumber to fix your taps coming from Portsmouth? No, you'd want a local tradesman! By having a virtual number for marketing, you are able to advertise wherever you want.

I suggest looking around for these types of suppliers but I recommend trying out Tamar


Flyers and Business Cards

This is a simple, yet effective marketing technique. I always suggest to my clients to order the following when launching a new business:

  • 1,000 Flyers
  • 500 Business Cards

Just spend a day posting 1,000 flyers out round your local area including pubs, clubs, newsagents, hairdressers and even the doctors if you ask nicely. Guaranteed there is always someone who requires your services.

As for the business cards, they are unbelievably handy. Carry 20 at a time in your wallet and they'll be gone in no time. People tend to lose or damage flyers when they're not wanted but most people will keep a business card somewhere for a rainy day.


Buy A Domain Name That Represents Your Business

I'm not saying that you need a website but just by purchasing a domain name can make you look bigger than you are. You can add it to your business cards and flyers or sign written on your van. Just have a holding page with a logo saying "Website Coming Soon" if you're worried about potential customers having a look at the domain name. 

Make sure you avoid having a .com unless it's absolutely necessary. People like local, they instantly know you are trying to be bigger than you are with a .com domain name.


Have A Professional Email Address

This really grips my sh*t. How many times do you see a nice, sign-written van with an amazing logo and design, only to have it ruined by "". Seriously a professional business needs a professional email address. Buy a domain name, find a good email host (like me) and set yourself up properly.


Get A Website To Truly Expand Your Business

Seriously, it's 2018. If you don't have a website you need one. Your competitors all have one and believe me when I say, they are taking most of your customers away from you. Just by having a simple, brochure style website that displays who you are, what you do and where you cover can increase your brands awareness.

Google Adwords And SEO

Again, your competitors are all marketing their websites online and the pond is only getting smaller. Establishing yourself on Google through SEO gets your foot in the door. Your website has the potential to rank for any keyword that you think customers will search. Rankings are never guaranteed with SEO so if a company says that they can get your site ranking "here, here and here" tell them to do one. 

Google Adwords is an instant form of online marketing where you create inviting adverts for potential customers to click through to your website. Depending on your budget and how much your competition is willing to pay, Google Adwords can bring in a lot of customers. 

As a rule, I always suggest to invest £200 + 10% of your net profit every month to your Adwords campaign. Start off small, then keep building your campaign to smash your competitors out of the water.



If you need any advice or want to discuss setting up your new business or expand your existing business, send me a PM and I will help you out.

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