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[Sticky] Collecting Business Reviews On The Veterans Network  


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11/09/2017 2:59 pm  

If you have a business listing on the website, one of the most important tips that I can offer you would be to collect reviews for your business.

Once you have published your free business listing, send out an email campaign or Facebook campaign to your existing customers and ask them to write a review about your business on this website.

Why Is It Important To Collect Reviews Here?

Firstly, the way our search engine works here at The Veterans Network is we take reviews as one of the absolute main priorities. In order to rank above other businesses in your category or field then you must have at least 1 more review than your competitor. Here's exactly how our search engine works in order of priority:

  1. Featured Listing
  2. Number Of Reviews
  3. Proximity / Location To User

Another very important reason to collect reviews for your business is for your Google Map Listing. 

Each review that is written on the site is published with a "mark-up" within the HTML code that is specifically for Google. It tells Google the author of the review, how the business is rated and what the author thought of that business. It then tells Google the overall score which Google will actually index. 

Why Does That Matter?

Well, lets say you drive to a job one day with your company details on the back of your van and a potential customer decides to search for your company. One of the top results won't be your website, it will be your map listing (if you have one).  If you take a look at your map listing, it will display reviews from other websites which are usually or Facebook however the way your reviews are written on this site means they will also appear alongside the other reviews on your map listing.

It's absolutely essential to look after your map listing as you can appear for local search results all the time and not even know about it.


I hope this makes sense to other members 🙂


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