Democrats & Veterans Party - WTF?  


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08/02/2018 2:20 pm  

OK, so lately I've had my head out of the news for a bit as sometimes it's quite overwhelming but I was scrolling through my news feed and came across a local newspaper in Southampton mentioning something that instantly caught my eye (see attached).

I haven't done much research into the party (not enough info online) but I can see straight away that The D&V party are becoming a bit of a joke already due to the ex UKIP frontman (again, see attached).

I'm all for politics, freedom of speech and fighting for your rights but I genuinely feel as though this will eventually have a negative impact on Veterans across the country. I'll explain why a bit further below. Now I'm neither for, nor against this party and it may upset some people by writing this but I genuinely feel as though this could end quite bad for Veterans in the long run.


Here's why it might not work (IMHO)

In one of the very few articles I could find about them online, the only real insight into this party was a link to their Twitter account. I do not want burn bridges but a Twitter page doesn't tell me much about the people trying to represent Veterans nationwide.


Not all Veterans share the same beliefs

I've met enough Vets to know we aren't all wired the same way and if the D&V Party decide to "do a UKIP" and campaign for controversial stuff, I definitely don't want my status as a Veteran to be dragged through the mud. The public like to tar Veterans with the same brush when things go out to the media (PTSD, Alcholism, Wife Beating). What happens when a member starts running their mouth off on camera about touchy subjects? Or insults a gender or race live on TV? Do you want the nation to think all Veterans are turbo mongs?


Social Media Is Great But....

Having the support of 31,000 Facebook followers is great but is that any real justification to start up your own political party? My cousins missus got over 250,000 shares for a cardboard fireplace she made on Facebook, yet she's not running for local Mayor.



They need to prove themselves first

Seriously. I don't want someone I didn't vote for to be waving the banner for Veterans. It's dangerous. If over time, they do good and prove they are dedicated to this then I will definitely consider supporting them but until then, I need to know what they stand for, what their goals are and what they plan to do in the name of Veterans.


I'll always support Veterans and help out fellow brothers and sisters but I just feel we are all going to be jumping on this political band wagon a bit too early without really looking into it.


Your Thoughts?


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08/02/2018 8:23 pm  

I have to agree. From what I have seen as well on social media platforms the bloke who is leading from the Veterans front and has been given the role of deputy leader cannot enter debate of any kind without firing shots. I am sorry but this again leads into the fact that it may become detrimental to the already wobbly reputation of our Veteran population. 

I just do not see this going anywhere positive, like the author I am not against them in anyway I just share the same concerns. 

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09/02/2018 10:45 am  


Yeah, I went through some of his old tweets and he seems to respond to people questioning him with playground insults... Is this another Donald Trump / Nigel Farage but this time being the face of Veterans? 


Their website has just gone live today along with their Manifest and Plans. There's a few things that seem positive and a few things that seem negative.

For example, they want to promote a "DV Affiliate" plan where businesses sign up to donate 5% of their takings to their party. Coupled with their membership fee's and merchandise sales, I truly feel this is just wrong. 

Veteran Businesses should be donating to Veteran Charities, not to a political party.

#5 On The Manifesto

Frail people who don’t like being
attacked must count the cost,
because if DVP takes up the mantle
of fighting effectively against the
Establishment, as we hope, we will be
attacked mercilessly. The mainstream
media will distort our message and
lie about us with total impunity. We
will declare our intentions to do
great things for this country that will
make a real difference in the lives of
those we care about, and yet we’ll be
misquoted, slandered and libelled.

I'm sorry but they are just asking for a fight here. If this is the case, I definitely don't want this sort of attitude representing Veterans.


#11.9 Of The Manifesto

Tackling the Progressive
Islamification of Britain

Again, this is the sort of attitude we need to avoid. Only 1 in 20 Britons are Muslim. Chill. Out. The write up on this section seriously sounds like something out of the EDL fear mongering tactics. It's basically the same tactics that a few racist Americans did when Mexicans began migrating to America. 


The long and short of it is that after reading their policies and manifesto, I'm not interested at all. Veterans might support them but eventually the DV Party will just become like all the other political parties. 

If you want to do something helpful then I highly suggest you support Veteran Businesses and donate to Veteran Charities. Buying memberships or donating your profits to a political party, will only end up lining the pockets of the party leaders.



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11/03/2018 3:52 pm  

Trevor Coult has done a lot of work in the past for veterans charities (and for that he does deserve a lot of credit)  however when you look a little closer and he seems to be (to me) more of a glory hunter than an veterans supporter, an he has gone out his way in the past to discredit anyone that questions him or he perceives as an obstacle to his personnel goals including other veterans groups, including "Veterans Against Terrorism" who target terrorists from all walks of life but the DVP seem to demonise all Muslims in the fight against Islamic radical elements and take no account of the fact that Muslims actually suffer by a magnitude of a 100+ to every single one in the west 🙁

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