Find a Battle Buddy  


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06/03/2018 12:04 am  

We have decided to start a campaign on the forum and twitter #FindYourBattleBuddy, to link veterans who are struggling with similar problems to come together and unite. 

Do you need to discuss with someone your experiences of war? All conflicts are different therefore someone who participated in the same conflict?

Other issues include;

Substance misuse, Gambling, Transitional depression, Employment, Relationship problems, Divorce, Mental Health, Housing, etc.

The list is endless, utilise the forum to find people like yourself. 

Do not suffer in silence.

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15/02/2019 5:04 am  

If there is anyone in the telford/Shropshire area I would love to meet them, I unfortunately lost all contact with any really military related in my life and would be great to find someone who I could also seek advice in civi life off.

kind regards