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Benefits for ex-pat Veteran/workplace issues  


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02/03/2020 10:05 pm  

Hi there I am trying to find out if I am entitled to any benefits being a British ex-pat who was in the RAF from 1984 to 1987 I can’t seem to find any concrete answers about this does anyone have any ideas?

Also another thing I had a lot of workplace issues while I was in the service which were not addressed and lead to my discharge by choice is there anyway this can be addressed after the fact and who do I address them to?TIA

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05/11/2020 6:25 am  

Hi Lilahdog1,


How are you.


Whewn you say benifits do you mean from teh soical, or the Forces?.


The issues you had, can you explain any. If they were serious enough that you had to 'resign' and leave the Forces then I think you can get something done about it. 


Let me know

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