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02/03/2020 7:18 pm  

Hi all, just trying to figure out if I’m being mugged off at all when I get my decision from veterans uk. I left the army in 2013 and put a self written (scratched) claim in and got 6k by 2018 I was at the bottom of the pit ready to take my life. At that point I took advice from a friend and went to a law firm who have been dealing with it since then. I also got myself the right treatment and that’s ongoing. 

I had to see an independent psychologist for veterans uk to consider the claim and she basically states I’m screwed for life will always need some form of treatment and I’ll never be able to progress with what’s considered a normal civilian life.....good to know I thought! 

anyway, anyone else in the same position and can give me any insights? 

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05/11/2020 6:21 am  

Hi Joe0274


I just joined today after joining 'Togtherall' forum, which was a complete waste Oxygen.


I have put in for ‘PTSD’ with War pensions, and my claim sadly goes back as far as 1999. This is where it gets long, sorry. I left in 2005 and in that time did 4 Op Tours serving - N.I - Macedonia -Falkland Islands -Afghanistan. 

I then went on in 2005 to Iraq - Afghanistan – Saudi came back in 2016 ish… I suffer and I’m diagnosed with Complex PTSD. I hade some sessions from ‘Veterans NHS’,. They diagnosed me with 'Severe PTSD' in 2018 Sept – this is the first time I knew I had it. I sort of knew anyway years and years ago.


‘V NHS’ then took me off the Course, and I waited nearly 5 months to see another Physiatrist Team in the NHS. They referred me to my GP )GP is working hard trying to get someone to talk to me).


I have waited since Feb 2020 to see someone for Therapy - nothing. I have tried to take my own life twice in the short space of Two years (NHS know) I am thinking about the 2rd go as I messed up the first two.


This is my first time speaks to an Ex Squaddie and allowed to post what I have just put above. i really want to help you Joe0274. I don't think civilian life will be the same mind-set as say a Chicken Factory worker in a Factory for 20 years - you and I, are from a different cloth, we are a Brotherhood and would take a bullet for the guy next to us in the Army. So no, we are much better than the civilian mind. We are not normal people, we are unique. I take a Drug for PTSD, it's very strong and works to a certain degree, we just need other people to talk to - people like us (Ex Vets in the same boat).


With veterans NHS push them, as to me they are the NHS and useless helping Ex Vets, I mean look how long they have kicked me to the side-lines. You can’t do that with someone who has PTSD full stop. It’s that reason why I believe they are Dog Poop and it’s just a 9 -5 job for them, typical NHS, make it easier and cut corners. We should get treatment and compensation for PTSD. Remember the War Pension Scheme try everything as you say “mugged off’ they don’t want to give you a pay-out, if they have to then it’s the bare minimum amount. What did your solicitor say, and was it expensive as I want to get one.


I hope that made some sense, I know I might have to wait for a reply off you, but I willing to take a bullet for my mucker in the Army 😉


Speak soon pal.

I'll be your Brother from another Brother.