Mode of Exit Review  


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08/10/2020 6:51 pm  

Hi all, does anyone know the ins and outs of a mode of exit review? I was medically discharged under administrative terms, meaning that it was either not deemed to be lasting, or that it was within my control. 


I am still on medication and currently having to jump through hoops to try and get some sort of therapy as i don't want to be permanently on medication. 

I am still struggling most days, and have zero quality of life, even before the pandemic. I know you have to wait 12 months before requesting a review, but i'm unsure as to what evidence i need or how to go about it at all, and i can't find anything online either. 

How worth while is it? If the chances are slim i would rather not go through the stress, and no doubt them making me feel like a failure all over again.