Rejoining after Medical Discharge.  


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So I was medically discharged from the ITC Para back in 2014 for a Grade 2 stress fracture, I was told then in my med board that I WAS able to rejoin in 1 years time. So I waited a year and began the rejoin process but my parents didnt want me to rejoin the army and pushed me into applying for the navy, I had to do a 3 month diary for them and get a letter off my GP then went for a medical, It was about this time that I decided to sack my parents and the navy off and apply for the army (paras again) but about 3 weeks after my medical I got a letter from the navy medical officer saying that I am permanently unfit join. So my question is will this affect my army application? All I had was a ONE grade 2 stress fracture in my right leg and I have had no further problems since then.

Please help.

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