Is the Army really ...

Is the Army really helping?  


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20/09/2017 10:24 pm  

During my career I met many who I know were dealing with some serious demons, some of them had confided in me and did my best to be supportive. I've also met many guys who I suspected were hiding the fact that they have issues and need help but never sought it.

On the odd occasion I have had discussions with soldiers about mental health, a theme always occurred. The blokes knew that help was out there, they knew the organisation's names, contact details etc. They had known all this then never went?? The reason for this was fear for their career! These guys all needed help but were too scared that if they sought it they would be kicked out the forces.  

The Army seriously needs to address this as year after year there are guys leaving the Army with a poor state of mental health, all because when they needed help they thought the Army would boot them out for it.

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21/09/2017 3:33 pm  

I understand exactly what your saying here James, there were a lot of people in our unit dealing with mental health issues at every rank.

The problem I feel with the Army is they love to isolate people once a problem has been identified and it usually ends in humiliation for that individual or everyone knows there private business as nothing is ever kept a secret or confidential.

There will be a small blog being done soon by an anonymous soldier about his difficulties while serving and how he eventually reached out to combat stress. I'd imagine this will bring back some memories and feelings for a lot of people and hopefully encourage Veterans to ask for help if they need it.


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22/09/2017 9:38 pm  

This is a great point well raised James! 

Jamie R Kennedy