Please help think this is a conman  


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Ive joined this to hopefully find out some answers by you army lot. So basically ive meet this lad 8months ago and he told me he served in the army. He never talks about it in detail which i didnt find uncommon as my brother in law served. But later his ex gf told me he created this lie to impress?? And apparently created a fake card that says "proud to have served"??? Do you get those?? Photo is one of profile picture not a army mugshot. Also he told me he got honorary discharge for being shot in the leg. Please not there is a small scar but he has no issues walking on it, running or riding a bike. So would the army discharge a fit solider just for being shot? He has a medal in a photo frame. But not photos of himself in army gear...not mention of old army bubbies. When i quiz him on his service number "the one you guys" have to shout out he was cagey about it. I asked him does he not keep in touch with anyone from his unit to which he reply no. Which again i find odd, as my brother in law can name or speak to any if he needs to. Please can someone give me advice many thanks....

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