Come cheer up me la...

Come cheer up me lads?  


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12/02/2021 9:34 pm  

I'm sorry to intrude on your forum... I'm 63, ex-Navy,  and me and my bottle of Pussers Rum

are gettin maudlin about the old days.

So if this post gets deleted, I will understand... when I'm sober, perhaps.

I am a Soldier.
I fight for my life everyday.

It wasn't my choice, but I
do it anyway.

Some fat politician,
cigar in his hand,

Said get yourself out there,
it will make you a man.

But even a Soldier,
can have his own dreams.

Forests and rivers,
Fresh mountain streams.

Walkin with family and friends,
My lifes love by my side.

These are my treasures,
The things I must hide.

I walk through the fire, every day.
My Sargeant says 'forward', and we
are away.

Hoping against hope, that
this ain't my last.

Wishing for a future, but
knowing the past.

So many gone, so many friends.
But I must move forward, till
the battle ends.

Only then I come home.
No hero am I

Just a young man who really
was too scared to die.