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Please Help narrowing down healers for BfA  


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08/03/2018 4:36 am  


I would like to level a healer toon to get ready for BfA and i’ve narrowed it down to 3: priest, shaman and Druid. I have alts for all 3 in the mid 100s. Priest - really like the fantasy but they seem a bit disjointed right now. So far holy seems the best of the 3 specs. Don’t like shadow. Shaman - always thought they had a well-rounded tool kit for heals but seem extra squishy in leveling, esp in elemental. Druid - clearly the most diverse and I like being able to roll as a bear while leveling. Never really gotten into the owl-bear form, but balance does look somewhat interesting as a second ranged dps spec. Any input on which will be most desired to me get into a casual adult guild to do some dungeons, raids and helping each other?

Please help..!

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