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Request for Veteran Participants for University of Portsmouth Psychology Study  


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13/06/2019 5:58 pm  


I am running a study with The University of Portsmouth investigating how different kinds of memory affect how we see ourselves.

The transition from service to civilian life can prove difficult for some.  In the worst cases these difficulties can lead ex-military personnel to spend time in prison.

Psychology has a number of techniques which can be used in order to help people who have been in prison rehabilitate and engage positively with society, however few of these have been designed or tested with former members of the armed forces in mind.

Several approaches use positive memories of the past as a way of helping with problems in the present.  Researchers from the University of Portsmouth are interested in investigating how different types of memory affect how we think and feel about the present.

 I am looking for ex service personnel to take part in an online study to help to determine whether this would be a useful avenue to explore to help former service personnel who have spent time in prison to rehabilitate and engage positively with society.  I was hoping that some of you would be interested in taking part.

I would be grateful for anyone interested in aiding our research projects to take part in my online study.  This shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, and you are welcome to invite other veterans who may be interested in participating by sharing the link.  A more detailed description of the experiment and our aims can be found on the survey site.

Please follow the link below to participate.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me either by private message or by emailing


Thanks for your time,