Tracing a family me...

Tracing a family member  


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26/08/2019 1:37 pm  

Hi Everyone

I am looking for advice on how to trace my uncle who was born in Glasgow in 1944 and joined the Army age 17? He initially worked in Communications and near the end of his Army career I believe he worked in Dental division. He also served in Aden in the 1960's but I have no regiment or service number. He married a lady who was also in the Army and they resided in England ( whereabouts unknown). I do know he spent some time in Redford Barracks in Edinburgh and Redcar Barracks but do not have dates. 

I phoned an Army Disclosure line in Glasgow as I read a family member could write a letter, keep it unopened and the MOD would pass letter to last known address for ex serviceman. However I have been told that due to lack of resurces this service is no longer available. I have also left a voicemail with the SSAFA in Glasgow so await their reply re this matter. 

To be truthful I do not even know if he is still living but I would love to track him for my Mum who is in her 80s as so many family events have taken place over the years. I have not given any names as don't know if this is the appropriate forum to be posting personal details.  I would appreciate any help/guidance you may offer.