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Getting out with a family  


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20/09/2017 10:04 pm  

How have people found getting out when you have a family to provide for? I had many times thought about signing off but every time the fear of not being able to provide has stopped me.

I'm sure that I could find work outside the Army but do I really want just 'work', really I want a career but will I find one that A: I enjoy and B: pays enough to pay the bills. Since I joined the Army my wife had put her career on hold and just got jobs here and there where she could so her finding a decent job straight off the bat would be difficult too. 

I've been in for almost a decade now and the longer I'm in the less I feel I could survive Civvie street and I'm sure I'm not alone in these thoughts.

I guess what would be interesting to hear is how people in the same situation as me have got on since leaving. Were you worried? and if so did your worries come true once leaving.