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When I got back from Herrick 18 and was given 70 days leave to take that I had accumulated from the year before, that years 30 odd days and my POTL, I had some time to think.

I began to realise that the Army wasn't for me and instead I should begin chasing a career in web design and marketing which is something that I had always wanted to do.

Near the end of my leave, I decided to contact the WO2 who was running my trade and was the go to person for this kind of thing. He was pretty sound and always told us to go to him directly for these situations and not the CoC.

In the middle of November he asked me to pop in to discuss why I wanted to leave and for him to try to convince me to stay in by using fear tactics like: there's nothing out there for us, the economy is on it's knees, the only thing you can do is drive a tank etc. I wouldn't give in and was adamant that I could make it on my own, whether that was by building my own business or seeking employment in the web design and marketing industry.

I told him I wanted to get out as early as possible because I had been offered a full time role at a digital agency which would help me get me settled into this new industry. He told me that I wasn't able to sign off until I was back but I could set a date to leave for at most, 3 months once I carried out the 7 clicks which I was fine with.

Me being a gullible sort of soldier and believing someone that is in a position of trust, I soon realised it was all BS. The day I came back off my leave, I logged onto to JPA, carried out the 7 clicks and chose my date for 3 months time. Within about an hour or two I was called into his office and told that there was a problem with my application and that JPA couldn't find it but he had been notified anyway. I logged back in and could clearly see my application had been sent across but he was adamant and so told me to cancel that application and then try again.

In order to cancel it I needed to call Glasgow and confirm it needed to be cancelled. Once that was done, the sneaky devil had pushed it up to the C.O that all personnel within the Regiment had to carry out a minimum of 12 months once signed off. This was about 3 months before it went Army wide.

Then the weasel told me I couldn't just sign off on JPA anymore and this time I needed to go through the right channels. This process took around 4 weeks because the people I needed to speak with were either on leave or too busy for a meeting.

All in all, I reckon this snake got about 13 months extra out of me. I understand that different regiments, battalions, etc all do things differently but where I was posted - it used to be "speak to the boss, sign off on JPA, choose your date (early as possible), get your signatures, de-kit and you can be on your merry way".


Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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