Not For Queen And Country by Edward Denmark

From Army cadets on Merseyside to action in the Falklands and Northern Ireland Edward Denmark joined the British army for adventure, and to serve Queen and country.

However, as he prepared to go ashore in the frozen, windswept Falkland Islands 8000 miles from Britain, facing a well dug in, larger enemy force, he understood at that moment that this was not for Queen and Country. He was now fighting for his own life, and the chance to see the sunrise once more. Follow this young soldier as he endures the bitter cold and constant air attack by a very determined Argentine enemy in the Falklands war, to patrolling the brutally violent streets of Northern Ireland, where tragedy came from nowhere. If you have ever wondered what our soldiers face in war and how they keep going under the most arduous and desperate conditions, then this book will tell you.

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