Opposing opinions…

In this episode of a Veterans Network Podcast, the three co-directors of Veterans Network discuss recent hot topics affecting the Veteran Community and Her Majesties Armed Forces.

We share our views on the recent announcement of a Veterans ID card, the new controversial army adverts and we discuss the proposal of merging the Royal Marine Commandos with the Parachute Regiment.




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One thought on “Opposing opinions…

  1. Allan Benson on

    With regards to the Driving Licence ‘V’, you have to bear in mind that the addition of the ‘V’ is voluntary, if you have concerns about having the symbol on your license then the simple answer is not to tell DVLA that you are a Veteran? Secondly, you use the example of a wallet being stolen then anyone who would ‘do you harm’ knows where you live. I carry a driving license with my address on it, plus a Defence Discount Service card which identifies me as a former Serviceman, so the loss of your wallet and subsequent potential security risk is (for me) a bit of a non-argument.

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