PTSD: Living Comfortably Numb by Kevin J Mervin

From Eleusinian press: After joining the Territorial Army, Kevin is drafted for the Gulf War. Upon his return he loses his job, his wife divorces him, loses his home and is diagnosed with PTSD. This is what happened to him and how he returned from the brink.

Kevin Mervin on writing PTSD: Comfortably Numb

“When I completed the manuscript a few years ago and read it back for the first time I could feel my roar and naked emotions were not only written, they were embroiled within the transcript whilst I continued to self-destruct. Unbeknown, I’d written a journey whilst blindly struggling through a firestorm raging in my head, leaving a nuclear explosion within its wake. I destroyed everything and anyone that stood in my path, allowing a dark and vile cancer to grow within my mind as it drip-fed upon a confused state. Laughing whilst teasing me with bouts of euphoria, only to be replaced with anger, paranoia and feeling utterly useless.

My journey to retrieve even a sliver of sanity has been exhausting, yet amazingly discovered that there was, indeed, light at the end of my dark and putrid tunnel. For others, their journey continues to be just as difficult, if not harder. For some, sadly cut short by determined demons. But we all share one thing in common – we continue to feel the heat on our faces from battles once fought; those silent screams, alone amongst crowds, living comfortably numb.”


PTSD: Living comfortably numb is out now


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