Sons of Eirinn – By Tony McNally

Sons of Eirinn Operation Celtic Jihad by Tony McNally

The New World Order of the post-NATO era, the GMA Global Military Alliance is the new policeman on the block. Two twin brothers, one a fanatically Catholic Republican Irish terrorist, one a former SAS soldier. Both trained killers on a bloody brutal collision course searching for an Iranian Super Explosive in War-torn Turkey.

Ex-Special Forces soldier Connor (Skid) Ryan is recruited as a ‘contractor’ by his former hated SAS officer to capture or kill Declan O’Malley a notorious Sons Of Eirinn bombmaker. With soldiers from the PKK Ryan has to execute a daring military operation, this time without his Special Forces comrades, before the terrorists can use the WMD on the streets of Britain. The worlds security services of China Russia USA and the UK are all desperately homing in to prevent another 9/11 atrocity on an even larger scale than the World Trade Centre.

Can successful new partnerships really be forged between The Sons Of Eirinn and the Swords Of Islam to destroy the Zionists, Americans, and the English?

Can western governments work together in the shadow world of military contracting? Can Connor Ryan really capture or even ‘kill’ his own brother?

Can he achieve this vital mission even though he is suffering from PTSD? (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?) Post NATO one thing that remained a constant, the need for anonymous men to do the bidding of those in power, the unspeakable acts of violence, deniable deeds of someone else’s nightmare using the unsung heroes that oiled the dirty wheels of Governance, men like Special Forces soldier Connor Ryan and the shadow warriors.

Sons of Eirinn Operation Celtic Jihad by Tony McNally

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