A Trip Down Memory Lane

I’ve been a “civvy” now for nearly six years and even today I still find myself reminiscing about the good old times. Well, I say “civvy” but I guess if you’ve served in the armed forces, you’re never quite a fully fledged civilian ever again.

I’m very fortunate to not suffer from PTSD, at least, I don’t think I do… but I do occasionally take the odd trip down memory lane and it’s something I don’t really have control over.

It’s not a rare sight to see the odd chinook helicopter flying over my local area and that doesn’t usually initiate a memory montage. However, recently I have seen a couple Apache Attack Helicopters conducting exercises in the sky above and this for some unexplained reason brings it all back…



As if it was only yesterday, a memory playback like watching a film at the cinema. I slip into a daydream and replay through scenarios which we encountered on operational tours. As I sit here writing this blog, I wonder if I am a little wacky and maybe there are people saying “let it go, man“.

The strange thing about it is, although I have an amazing family and a Mrs who I love more than anything in the world, I periodically wish I could go back. Like an extreme holiday package, going on patrol, getting into firefights with the enemy and simply living with the blokes in a compound located in the middle of nowhere; with no other worries at all.

The adrenaline, comradeship and that mad hatter life we all lived. I’ll hold my hands up, I do miss the good old days…


Am I alone, or do I share common ground with other Veterans?

What takes you back?


Written by Jamie Kennedy


One thought on “A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. Ski on

    No alone pal. We all want to go back, some days it seems like a dream, or that somebody else did all the amazing things you get to do on tour. At one point i was responsible of £13m
    worth of kit!

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