Over the past year, I have noticed that more and more Veterans are establishing their own businesses.

It’s been one year now since the formation of Veterans Network, what was once known as Soldier to Civi, and in that year I have met many Veterans who have left the Armed Forces to establish their own business.


But why does it seem like more Veterans are becoming business owners?


When leaving the Armed Forces, it can sometimes feel like you lose a sense of purpose and speaking from experience, I have felt this very feeling of being lost without a sense of direction. I have bounced between a number of various jobs which are quite literally just jobs – jobs without reward or satisfaction and barely pay the bills.

I have been in several employment positions where I have felt like I could give so much more but yet would only be recognised as employee number 101 (just for example).


I could write ten blogs on why Veterans are becoming business owners but I’ll attempt to squeeze this all into one.


So many Veterans strive for success and the majority of us yearn for the acknowledgement from others. We were always required to innovate plans to achieve tasks when serving in the Armed Forces and that continues into the civilian world when we innovate strategic ways to produce income, thus gaining a rewarding satisfaction when such goals are achieved.

A Veteran’s mind can at times run wild when not active or zeroed in on a challenging and thought-provoking task. I personally try to keep myself busy to prevent my mind from boredom which could result in a downhill spiral to a bottomless pit of depression. So, therefore, I run my own business and I aim to put many more ideas into action.

Being a businesses owner and a Veteran myself, I can confirm that yes business can bring stress and financial pressure but on the flip side, that is all part of the challenge and we as Veterans take great pride in attacking challenges head-on. I have found that running my own businesses not only provides me with satisfaction, reward, and direction but it also fulfils my sense of purpose.


So why are veterans well suited for business?


Most veterans have been in positions during their military careers where it was required of them to coordinate and control operations and procedures in order to achieve certain tasks and targets.

There is no doubt that the British Armed Forces training produces hard-working, disciplined and determined personnel with a unique set of skills and with the criteria for what makes a perfect business owner. Veterans and business are a fantastic combination due to the perfect ingredients we adopt from the Armed Forces, arming us with the high potential to become successful business owners.

  • Innovative
  • Flexible
  • Professional
  • Punctual
  • Strategic
  • Diligent
  • Confident
  • Ambitious

And the list goes on…



Not only are Veterans leaving the Armed Forces to go on with the entrepreneurial ambition to launch their own business but we are also discovering current serving personnel establishing a business parallel to their military career.

Setting up a business while still serving in the Armed Forces is one of the strongest and stable positions to be in when launching a new business. No matter what happens to the business, every month you will still be earning a secure income from your everyday military career. Therefore the risks during the initial startup process are minimised.

Current serving soldier and founder of Gen-Kit Exchange, Alex Miller tells us;

“You can never rely on one single job to securely support you and I couldn’t think of anything worse than to not be working on something else that is hopefully going to be bigger and better. It’s not something that everyone wants to do or should do but it is a genuine alternative for when you leave the Armed Forces”.

To our knowledge, we believe there are no laws or restraints preventing a serviceman or woman from establishing a business while still serving. Although, this may be worth researching as it may be required to complete certain documentation telling the relevant ranks and authorities of a second income.



If you are a Veteran or a serving military person considering to launch a new business idea, we would recommend using one of our well-known quotes before fully committing; Research, Network & Invest. Log into the forum of Veterans Network and start connecting with other Veterans who have chosen this path into the civilian world. There are Veterans within our network who are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience.


We are keen to know why you believe Veterans make such good business owners?


Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s blog, we hope you have found inspiration, motivation, and guidance.

Good luck



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