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On Monday the 19th of February, we had the greatest pleasure in attending the official launch of the Veteran-Owned business, Veterans Brewing Sussex and what a treat it really was.

Veterans Brewing was first established in Scotland by two fellow Veterans, Tommy Watt and Alex McDivitt. Following the ongoing success in Scotland, Veterans Brewing is now expanding across the UK by initiating their presence in Brighton, Sussex. Hence the name Veterans Brewing Sussex. This is the first example of how Veterans Brewing is more than just a brand or product. As they expand, they continue to create employment opportunities for our fellow veterans as Veterans Brewing prides itself on being owned by veterans, run by veterans and supporting veterans.


From our point of view, Veterans Brewing flourishes in positivity in more ways than one.


We were very fortunate to be invited to the launch of Veterans Brewing Sussex in Brighton on Monday night and it was there where we witnessed why Veterans Brewing is much deeper than a business. We observed a whole Veteran community being brought together by the powers of Veteran-brewed Ale.


Even local MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle came down to taste a sample of the Veterans Brewing Ale.


Veterans Brewing – Alex McDivitt (Left), Mp Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Centre) & Veterans Brewing Sussex – Will Farmer (Right)


Here at Veterans Network, we truly believe Veterans Brewing Sussex will be very successful in many ways and we wish the Veterans Brewing group all the best for the future.


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