VetNet Film Award 2018

Tony Benn, Veteran Socialist as well as being a Veteran and a Socialist was fond of saying about the House of Lords that it made no sense – hereditary peers making judgements was absurd. You wouldn’t seek out someone when you had a toothache “well, I’m not a dentist myself, but my dad was a great dentist.

This week we had a similar situation, smart advertising agency staff had come up with a concept to draw in a more diverse group of recruits. The campaign was budgeted at £1.6 million. Well-meaning as it is, even your parents having served doesn’t help you really know what it is like to serve. The tough times, the bad times, the good times, the great times and the times that you couldn’t experience in any other way of life.

It’s a matter of simple mathematics that, in a country of 60+ million people, and an army of 82,000 the chances of an advertising agency’s staff having relatives from the forces is small. They won’t know all of the compelling reasons why serving your country is an amazing career to have.

Which is why, this week we have launched the Veterans Network Film Award 2018.


VetNet Film Award 2018


You, the Veterans are uniquely well-placed to make the films that can tell young people – from whatever background – why joining the British Army is something that will be the most incredible experience of your life.

You can use footage you took during a tour, do a piece straight to the camera, or even do a slideshow with titles to get your point across.

We’ll judge the winner, and send the video to the Chief of the General Staff.

Once again, Veterans Network will be there to lend assistance, and we’ll make your shots count.


For full Terms and Conditions click HERE, happy filmmaking!



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