Vincent Black MI6 by Jamie Fineran

Jamie Fineran’s NEW BOOK titled Vincent Black MI6 – a British Crime Thriller – forwarded by Paul Tug Hartley Hero of the 2014 War Film, KAJAKI. 

Vincent Black MI6 is a unique story. Unlike most conventional crime thrillers, this is something else!!! Never has the truth been said about the reality of what goes on when the lights go out.


‘BBC Breaking News’
‘It has just been reported that thousands of British commuters traveling to work this morning have been caught up in a colossal explosion. Initial reports suggest that the bomb is linked to Islamic State. However, this is still to be confirmed. The department for transport has confirmed that the initial explosion was at the Embankment train station in London.’

‘Good morning Jenny. Can you tell us any more of what’s happening where you are please?’
As the news feed switched to the scene, the camera pans in on a young reporter in her mid-twenties.
She has blood trickling down her right cheek, and her clothes are torn and scorched. She tries to remain calm amid all the chaos but has an expression of genuine terror painted across her pale face. She stands with her back to the entrance of the Embankment tube station, which bellows out white smoke from the impending tomb below.

In the background you can hear the sirens of the emergency services, rushing to provide emergency aid to those injured. There are casualties scattered everywhere, some dead, most burnt, and the lucky few, screaming for their loved ones. Those that can walk hobble or crawl, making their way through the choking smoke to the station’s entrance above. Their terrified faces masking the horrors they’ve faced far below.
‘Tom, the scene here is one of complete and utter chaos. There are dozens of casualties being recovered from below, and from what I hear there are many more still to come. I don’t know how I’m going to describe all of this. I have never seen such horrific sights in all of my life.’ Jenny’s hands shook with fear as she continues with her report.

As she clutched onto her microphone, ready to answer her next question. There is a second explosion. Jenny falls to the floor, dropping her microphone. The cameraman ‘George’ hollering out unpleasantries is seen running for cover by the viewers at home. The camera is static, without an operator, trying to automatically focus on Jenny’s face as she lays there face down, gasping for air, on the cold concrete floor. There is a long silent pause. The operator manages to reach for his camera and points it towards Jenny who is seen stumbling to her feet, trying to steady herself.

‘Sorry Tom… Just give me a second.’ Her eyes are frightened and blood shot. She takes a long deep breath, and professionally continues with her report.
‘Tom, as you’ve just seen, or heard, there has been a second explosion here in London.’
The camera pans around showing the nightmare unfolding around her.
‘I am struggling to find the words to describe the scenes I am witnessing here in our nation’s capital.’ There was a silent pause, and then the feed switched back to the studio.


Jamie’s new book titled Vincent Black MI6 will be available on Amazon soon and the book is also available at Griffer Island Books or can be purchased via PayPal with orders through Private Messaging on Facebook for signed copies costing £10.00.

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