YaSkinsWaterproof Everest Update

So we now enter into 2018 and the YaSkinsWaterproof team continues to train towards our phase 1 Everest assault, that being our two-week trek to Everest Base Camp from Lukla, Nepal.

Training has been fun over the Christmas & New Year period with Helvellyn in the Lake District being the highlight on NYE. I swear that on more than one occasion we were nearly blown off striding edge on our way to the summit. Hey… Train Hard, Fight Easy as some hairy arsed Sergeant Major would say! There is plenty of photographic and video footage of our Helvellyn trip on YaSkinsWaterproof on Facebook.

Jamie and the whole of the Veterans Network team have continued to support our training and promote the charity we are raising funds for. I am sure most of you know by now but for those that don’t, it is Talking 2 Minds PTSD and Stress founded by Ex 22 SAS man Rob Paxman.


Talking 2 Minds


Now, some have said ‘Its only Base Camp this time’ so let me put ‘Base Camp’ into context.  Everest Base Camp sits at approximately 5500m above sea level and the number of people who fail to complete the trek there is higher than you may think. Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS) can affect anyone from around 3000m above sea level and can be fatal if not diagnosed and dealt with quickly, the only true remedy of this is to drop your altitude as quickly as possible. At around 5300m (Lower than base camp) the atmosphere holds around 54% of our usual oxygen at sea level (according to Science Mag) therefore making it far harder just to keep putting one foot in front of the other over a number of days. To try and combat possible AMS we will take three acclimatisation days at certain levels and we will ‘Trek High & Sleep Low’


So maybe that should be enough! – Hell No!


As I stated Everest Base Camp is phase 1, we plan to eventually summit the highest point on Earth within 5 years. Now this means that after Base Camp we need too prove ourselves at different altitudes up to around 8000m (Death Zone) and then hopefully summit Everest (8,848m or 29,029ft). All of this will be done while continually banging the training days in, trying to get YaSkins off the ground as a veteran-owned company, plus the day to day grind of ‘normal work’

Once we get to the summit attempt it will involve spending approximately 2.5 months on the mountain at different altitudes trying to acclimatise. Once we start hitting the realms of Camp 4 it will be oxygen supplementation time (7,900m) because the body is trying to work off around 20% of the bodies usual supply of oxygen, all while trying to climb the mountain. Just to breathe takes approximately 76% of your bodies energy at that altitude. Add to that scaling black hole crevasses on the Icefall on nothing more than window cleaners ladders and dealing with sub-zero temperatures it sounds a right laugh… Hang on, why we doing this??…… Oh Yeah because we can!


During this whole 5 year period Talking 2 Minds will be our chosen charity as we believe in the charity and the cause it supports. You can donate HERE


Chris (Left) and Richie (Right)


We would like to again thank all at Veterans Network for their continued support. It is a pleasure dealing with the team. 


In other news: YaSkinsWaterproof has been selected to be an Ambassadorial partner for Good 2 Go apparel, another veteran-owned business. If you like the YaSkinsWaterproof Page on Facebook you will find a post detailing the 10% discount code for G2G apparel. We are also in talks with other companies to join us in some capacity. (Fingers Crossed)

We are also now in the process of getting our website built and looking at releasing our own outdoor clothing range. 

There is also the small matter of the first YaSkinsWaterproof Wild Camp up in the NY Moors on the 10th of March, this again is being done in association with Jamie from Veterans Network and should be a giggle where we can have a few beers around the fire and talk about the stuff us Vets like to talk about. Again go to the YaSkinsWaterproof events page and if interested please register on there. 

So to wrap up….. These are exciting times in the early months of YaSkinsWaterproof being a ‘Brand’ with both of us determined to make it a success, plus the training we are both doing along with Gemma as we rapidly approach phase 1 of Mission Everest it is a hectic but fun-filled period.

Belated Happy New Year to you all, we hope 2018 is your year. Please follow YaSkinsWaterproof on Facebook and all other usual social media outlets. 



Remember people… Ya Skins Waterproof so get out there! 

Chris & Rich


To keep up to date with YaSkinsWaterproof, to read more of their blogs and to see their videos of them in action on the hills, visit their website HERE


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